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"Connecting People to Business"
How Far Will I Run
Author Christina Baird writes a memoir title, "How Far Will I Run"

Public Relations and Marketing

Little Wing Connections
“Connecting People to Business”

Public Relations, Marketing, Consulting, and of course, always Connecting…

“We see the greatness in people and their true intentions; we help them expand in their life work by sharing their projects through their Web Presence, Social Media Presence within their community. We see the excellence in people and we help them see it too, by highlighting their strengths and build confidences through their Public Presence.”

“When I am sad, she comes to me with a thousand smiles she gives to me free…..”

The pulse of Little Wing Connections is to create a space for growth within our community through awareness of a need. We work in environments and or events by connecting with individuals in the community for the greater good of intention.

We consult with humility and acceptance for growth, speak publicly and professionally to expand awareness, create events, and collaborate with associates in the community.
We connect associates with other associates in need through word of mouth, through social media and attending various business events on a weekly basis.